I’ve spent over a million dollars in the last 10 years just at hotels.


I don’t say that to boast or brag, I say that in order to tell you – the reader – why I might have a little bit of experience in judging a hotel by its (bed)covers.  I’ve spent a lot of my hard earned dollars at hotels since I started traveling over 10 years ago, and have decided that the knowledge i’ve amassed might actually be of some use to the public.  Your hard earned money deserves more than a Tripadvisor review or a Google Rating.  It deserves the well-heeled judgment of a professional traveler.


If you’re still curious as to who I am, read on:  

I’m an avid learner of everything I can get my head wrapped around.  I believe that life is about experiences and increasing personal knowledge, and we learn every time we travel and experience new cultures and places.  My personal methodology revolves around three things, travel, food, and great company.  When i’m not gorging myself or hopping around this planet, I work in the startup world and donate my time to pro-bono legal services for those who just don’t have the resources to hire an attorney.


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