REVIEW: The Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey


There’s two Ritz-Carlton’s in Los Angeles, one of them being in the heart of the city, and the other being right on the water’s edge in Marina Del Rey.  If you’re not familiar with Los Angeles, there are a lot of options when it comes to luxury hotels, but if you want to stay near the water, most of the hotels are clustered in Santa Monica or down in nearby Orange County which is an hour south of Los Angeles.

The Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey is a smaller property, but it’s a beautiful one – just having undergone a renovation this last year (2016).  The hotel is right on the marina, with 270 degree views overlooking the harbor, and with some rooms directly facing the Ocean.

The outside isn’t the best looking of buildings, but it’s whats inside that counts, right?

The hotel has a great farm to table restaurant, where I highly recommend having some snacks and brunch.  There’s a patio right on the edge overlooking the water, and at night they light up the firepits, which makes for a romantic setting.

Fire pits everywhere make for a warm and fun environment!

My favorite feature of this hotel, however, is the fact that it has a 24 hour pool.  Yes, you heard that right – fancy a swim or a dip in the hottub at 3AM?  You can do that here.

That pool is heated, and 24/7. Take advantage of it!

The property was getting a bit long in the tooth prior to 2016, but now that the renovation has taken place, this is definitely the place to stay if you want to be next to the ocean.  The hotel has a very warm feel to it, between all the indoor and outdoor fireplaces, the lithographic artwork from artists like Chagall & Monet, and the Ritz-Carlton Club on the 11th floor with its 180 degree views of the Ocean.  If there’s one place I staycation when i’m in Los Angeles, it’s the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey.

With the new remodel, you can’t go wrong at this property


Hard Product:

-Location (How close is this to top attractions in the surrounding area?) 

Los Angeles is very decentralized, but if you’re planning on hanging out near the Ocean and being relatively close to the airport, this is a great middle ground


-Cleanliness (Is the grout in the bathroom clean?  How good is maid service here?)

Extremely well put together, and very well maintained


-Upkeep (Is the hotel in need of a remodel, or is it being constantly kept up?)

Just remodeled, this is the time to come to this sparkly new property!


-Public Spaces (How unique/inventive/useful are the public spaces?)

I wish there were more public spaces, but for a small property the lounge downstairs is a great place to hangout



Soft Product:

-Service (How good is the service here?)

Wonderful service, representative of Ritz-Carlton’s attention to detail


-Restaurants On-Site (Are the restaurants on site somewhere even the locals would go to?)

Great food on site, but unfortunately there’s only one offering.  However, it is right next to a bunch of other restaurants in the area which are worth going to!


-Concierge (Specifically, how effective is the Concierge at helping you with a new locale?)

The concierge service was impeccable


TOTAL: 63/70

(35/70 is average)



  • 24 hour pool and spa
  • Just remodeled!
  • The views are incredible!


  • Property could use another separate restaurant, but because of it’s size it’s fine the way it is


  • In the lounge they have a truffle mac and cheese that is off menu, that is incredibly decadent and delicious!


Check out the local restaurant SALT, at the Marina Del Rey Hotel.  I know it’s a competitor, but it’s got great food and a great vibe!

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