REVIEW: The L’Auberge Hotel in Del Mar

Although I travel a fair amount, when I can’t get away for a lengthy vacation I tend to explore areas and hotels in the Southern California region.  One of my favorite parts of being in California is the length of highway that runs North and South along the coast.  It’s called PCH, and it offers epic views, convertible-perfect cruises, and that Beach Boys California surfin’ vibe that is unmatched.

One of my favorite stretches off of PCH happens to be the area South of Orange County all the way to San Diego.  On the northernmost side of San Diego County is a little town called Del Mar, which was built for the “rich and famous”.  It’s a quaint area with beautiful bluffs, white sand beaches, and gorgeous year round weather.  There’s a few of my favorite California hotels here as well, one being the L’Auberge, and the other being the Rancho Valencia.  The L’Auberge is a cute little boutique hotel, with rooms overlooking the ocean, and restaurants and shops all within walking distance.

The lobby has a Martha’s Vineyard vibe to it

The lobby is a gorgeous and cozy affair, with dutch-colonial influence and small spots to sit and chat.  The doors open to the pool and the outside patio, where it’s almost possible to do year round dining due to the perennially serene weather.  The rooms themselves follow up with Oceanside touches, such as wicker chairs, colorful pillows, and blonde and white accents.  The bathrooms aren’t particularly stunning, but you can’t help but appreciate the vibe of the entire hotel.  There are certainly hotels with nicer fixtures and finishings, but at the L’Auberge all of it comes together as a whole to provide a unique luxurious Oceanside experience without a hint of pretentiousness.  The textured walls, lime green accents, and live flowers in each room really add to the overall atmosphere.


The rooms are not large but decorated in quaint seaside cottage manner



The pool which overlooks the ocean is a great place to relax and enjoy good company and a cocktail

One of my favorite things about this hotel is actually the spa.  It’s small and you’ll have to book ahead to get a spot, but it’s a separate building next to the main lobby that houses some of the most attentive and incredibly luxurious treatments i’ve had a boutique hotel.  Their outdoor couples massage is highly recommended, and the tub on the patio completes that experience.

The spa is a hidden gem here


  • The atmosphere of the place just screams “beachside”, everything from the decor to the location is cohesive
  • The views are incredible from almost anywhere on the property
  • The prices are usually pretty reasonable


  • The rooms, although updated, could use a slight refresh (January 2017)
  • The main restaurant in the lobby is nothing to write home about, but the patio dining is highly recommended


  • I love the spa, so be sure to check it out!


  • Walk through the footpath from the back of the hotel right over to the seaside bluffs.  It’s just a staircase away to a great morning jog, or a peaceful walk down the beach.  Going SOUTH on the beach will yield a calmer experience with less people!

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