HOTEL REVIEW: The Peninsula Tokyo – Near Perfect?

Let me preface this review with my opinion that there is NO modern place in the world currently like Japan (I’m writing in 2017 here folks).  The country itself provides such a shell shock of an adventure in cultural amalgams, assaulting every one of the senses, and provides any traveler with stories to tell for days.

The Peninsula is a chain that prides itself on service and class.  I would argue that in those regards, it stands at parity with the Four Seasons, the Ritz-Carlton or even the St. Regis.  However, with only ten hotels in its chain as of this writing, it is relatively tough to find a Peninsula when traveling.  If you’re in Tokyo, however, I recommend you book here.

Lets start off with the physical details.  The hotel is gorgeous with large suites, beautifully decorated and elegant public spaces, and impeccable attention to cleanliness and detail.

Right in the heart of Ginza!
The lobby is absolutely stunning

It’s tough to find sizable rooms in Japan, and especially in a great area with good value.  Surprisingly, if you book far enough ahead, the Peninsula does so.  As of this writing, the average prices about 30-50 days ahead are sub-$500 per night.  Service is impeccable – one of my tests that I perform when at a hotel, is the purposeful littering of my socks, in order to test the efficacy of housekeeping.  Not only did the staff at the Peninsula fold up my belongings during housekeeping service, but they also left a note with a pre-filled laundry service ticket, asking in a polite manner if I would like my laundry done.

There is also the added bonus of the house cars, one of which is a vintage Rolls Royce.

That’s the awesome vintage vehicle you can ride in

The location couldn’t be any better if you were trying to see some action in the city.  Ginza district is next to the Imperial palace and is known for its shopping.  Japanese consumerism is unlike anything else in the world, there’s stores in Ginza where you can create your own CD’s, have custom decorated deserts made for you, buy luxury charcoal products, or pretty much find anything your consumerist heart desires.


There’s tons of great options in Tokyo, but I cannot recommend more wholeheartedly – The Peninsula.


Did I mention the heated floors in the bathrooms?



  • Service here is bar-none
  • Absolutely stunning bathrooms with heated floors and electronic bidets
  • Location is great, walk everywhere in the Ginza district


  • Its so nice you don’t want to leave (I know, that’s not really a con)


  • There are often specials run at this hotel due to intense competition amongst the luxury chains in Japan and declining tourism.  Make sure to do google searches when planning your trip for 4th night frees, or seasonal specials


  • Timeout has a great article on local shopping.

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