REVIEW: The Pasea Huntington Beach – A Pacific Coast Getaway

Lets start by saying that I can almost give this place a 100% recommendation.  It’s almost there, but like my experience at the Seattle Thompson, everything is in place, except for excellent staff.  At first glance, everything about this hotel makes me want to recommend it.  The lobby and public spaces are gorgeous.  The pool is large, with plenty of seating, and faces the Ocean.  The restaurant downstairs, Tanners, is a stunning establishment with a cherry-wood burning fire in the kitchen, and dishes worthy of a Michelin mention.


The lobby is graced by enormous windows and a tall ceiling, beautiful furniture, and the instant feel of a coastal vacation
The Pool is gorgeous, and located directly facing the Ocean, making it feel somewhat like a Miami-esque hotel. Not a bad thing!

The rooms have unique touches, like free water, complimentary bottles of wine in the suites, and guitars tuned and ready for your plucking pleasure.  You can tell thought went into the decor.  It’s timeless, yet modern, clean, and fits in perfectly with the vibe of Surfer-centric Huntington Beach.  Location is also superb, with the new Pacific City mall next door.  There’s a cool co-op space in the Pacific City Mall with eclectic choices for food and drink.


The bathrooms are some of the nicest i’ve seen…

Where the hotel falls behind its facade, however, is in service.  The Concierge was barely helpful (and I happened to meet two of them), and seemed flustered.  This is one of my first tests of a hotel, asking what should be the equivalent of a well-versed local (the concierge), what to do, where to eat, or what to see.  If they cannot respond with answers appropriate to the season, the guest’s preference, or provide a gamut of variety in their suggestions, then they are not a top-notch concierge.  I also find that the quality of the concierge most often matches with that of the quality of the other staff.  The hotel is new (As of December 2016), and it it showing some teething problems.  I do expect, however, that over time there will be a level of quality that hopefully reaches that of some of the larger luxury chains.

Great Restaurant, check. Great Pool, check.


  • Stunning property
  • Great Location
  • Amazing restaurant on property (Tanners)


  • Concierge and staff are still a bit new and unpolished


  • This hotel is one of the cheapest in the area.  It’s a great steal if you want to be near Newport Beach but want something more modern, hip, and fun


  • Definitely set some time aside to hang out in the mall next door.  There’s a variety of restaurants and bars worth your time.

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