REVIEW: The New York EDITION is almost a Ritz-Carlton

If you’ve been following Marriott Group recently you’ll see that there’s a new chain of hotels that they have been adding to their roster, named the EDITION hotels.  These have been marketed alongside the Ritz-Carlton group, and can be booked via Ritz-Carlton’s app and website.  They are, from what I can tell, the younger more fashionable outgoing sibling of the family.

One of my first stays at the EDITION happened in New York recently.  Located at 24th and Madison, on the East side of Madison Square Park, the New York EDITION Is smack dab in lower midtown just above East Village.  The location is pretty nice if you are looking to spend some time in downtown, and some time in uptown but want to avoid the mess that is known as Times Square.  The hotel itself is a beautiful affair.  When you walk in you’re greeted by a sunken lobby built in marble hurricane candles (at night), and uplighting built into the ground.  The feeling is sultry, sexy, and modern.  Modern couches are draped in faux fur, and the far end of the lobby is adorned by a fireplace, giving the whole lobby a warmth and homey feel.


The beckoning lobby, fireplace, fur, and all
The beckoning lobby, fireplace, fur, and all

The elevators are also pretty unique, in that they’re electronic.  You enter your floor number and an elevator bank is assigned to you, some might say it feels a bit corporate, but I think it makes waiting for an elevator something of the past in this place.  The rooms are on the smaller side, and extremely modern.  I appreciated the decor but felt that the rooms were a little cold.  You would think with the wood floors, the luxurious textures, and the small space they would feel cozier, but I think the use of all the off-palette white and tan resulted in a colder feel.

The rooms have a tan uniform color palette to them.  This opens up the small spaces a lot
The rooms have a tan uniform color palette to them. This opens up the small spaces a lot

The second floor lobby is really a different affair in itself.  It oddly looks nothing like the rest of the hotel, but hosts some incredible mixologists and a cool restaurant which I never got a chance to dine in.  The bar itself is called the “Gold Bar”, which made no sense other than through the indication of portraits with gold frames.  The common room space next to it with the pool table was also an odd choice for this hotel, but only because in my mind the hotel was supposed to be an offshoot of a Ritz-Carlton.

Yes, it's called the Gold Bar
Yes, it’s called the Gold Bar


Overall, my experience was almost exactly what I expected it to be.  It was as if I was staying at a Ritz that wasn’t quite a Ritz, but could’ve been one with a little more grandeur and magnificence.  All said, I’d love to check out more of these in the future!



  • Marriott Group rewards and benefits!
  • Price wise, it’s a little more affordable than a comparable Ritz-Carlton in the area
  • Very chic and modern, it felt like a luxe nouveau-riche hotel in a city that is constantly reinventing itself


  • The rooms felt a bit cold and austere to me


  • It is very easy to miss the bar which is on the third floor, and I highly recommend visiting it for a drink and a snack


  • This one is kind of a no-brainer.  You have to visit the extremely close Shake Shack, which is in Madison Square Park right next to hotel less than a stone’s throw away.  This is a New York burger staple and one of my favorites!

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