REVIEW: The London Hotel in New York Is Just Plain Awesome

Lets just start by saying that there are a LOT of hotels in New York, just as there are a lot of people/restaurants/cars/pick your item here.  I’ve managed to stay in approximately a dozen different ones but always seem to come back to the same handful.  The London in New York is in that handful.

The London’s signature entrance, you go to enough of these around the world and you know what you’re gonna walk into

What makes this hotel unique amongst the sea of possibilities really is the simplicity of it.  You know you’ll get modern accommodations, great service, and no frills.  Some might call it austere, but I call it New York.  Most of the times you choose a hotel in NY based on where in town you want to be.  This one is great if you’re spending time uptown or midtown.  Its prime location near MOMA, Times Square, and Central Park make it a holiday time favorite of mine.

The lobby is classic black and white, timeless and elegant
The lobby is classic black and white, timeless and elegant


What I love the most about the London, though, are the views.  It’s one of the tallest buildings in midtown, and with that comes some pretty epic straightline views all across the city.  Make sure to ask for the highest room possible when staying here.  The rooms themselves have these beautiful aged wood floors, and simple modern furnishings.  I wouldn’t call this the plushiest hotel, but the simplicity of it sits well in my book.

The views.  That's the best part of this hotel by far
The views. That’s the best part of this hotel by far


  • The Epic views
  • The location puts you in midtown without putting you next to Times Square
  • Did I mention the views?


  • Not a lot of frills at this hotel, what you see is what you get


  • The best views IMO are of Central Park so look for that north facing room if you can!


  • There’s too many things to mention in NYC, but one of my first stops is always one of the MomoFuku chain of restaurants.

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