REVIEW: The Standard Downtown LA

I’m an LA native, but that doesn’t keep me from having constant Staycation’s when i’m in my own city.  I usually opt for the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey, due to its 24 hour hot tub and pool area, and its prime beach location on the Marina, but every now and then I opt to visit the Standard in Downtown LA.

When friends visit from out of town I always recommend this hotel amongst a few others, mostly because of how unique downtown LA is (it’s come a long way in the past 10 years), and because the Standard in Hollywood really can’t compete with it’s sister across town.

Minimalistic, mod, and very hip – that’s the Standard

There’s a lot to like about this place, but what always comes to mind first is its rooftop area. There’s an incredible infinity pool with 360 degree views of the downtown skyline, signature waterbed pods,  and a small version of the German Biergarten that mimics the feature of the Standard Highline back in NY.

Who can’t turn down a good beer and german sausage? (Vegetarians)

There’s often something going on here every weekend, and most recently they’ve even added a second floor ping pong bar.  If personality were the determinant factor in a hotel contest, I think the Standard in Downtown LA would get first place (with the new Mama’s Shelter coming in #2).

Great weather and great views – This is the best place to take advantage of both!  Rooftop @ the Standard

The rooms themselves are pretty Standard Standard (that wasn’t a typo).  You’re going to get modern, minimalistic, and slightly quirky.  If there’s a downside to any of this, it’s that the service isn’t necessarily the best, and the crowd can be a bit abrasive on certain weekends as it attracts the local scenester crowd of LA.  That’s a whole ‘nother subject.


  • It’s got a lot to offer just within the hotel, I come to this place even when i’m not staying here
  • Location wise, downtown LA is great and it’s only getting better
  • The rates are always pretty competitive here


  • Although I would never say the service is terrible, it’s not a forte for this hotel – it’s almost too cool to worry about service


  • If you want to get a pod, be sure to reserve one way ahead of time, as they get taken very quickly


  • Downtown LA is one of the fastest growing and gentrifying areas in Los Angeles.  There’s almost too much to list and it grows every day, but I really recommend eating at Redbird and if you’re a sushi fan Sugarfish (which is incredible sushi at a great price and an LA staple).

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