REVIEW: The Nines in Portland

FullSizeRender 7The Nines in Portland is an interesting property.  It was recently remodeled, and has a lot to offer in terms of location and contemporary style, but what detracted me from giving it a full recommendation are the smallish rooms and mediocre bathrooms.

Located centrally in downtown Portland – the Nines is the hip luxury hotel in the SPG group.  It’s got a very cool farm to table restaurant, a very comfy lobby that I could spend hours in, and really great service from the staff.

The rooms are small, but luxuriously appointed – however they do need a little more love and upkeep

I did get a chance to visit some other high end hotels in Portland, and I will say, if you’re visiting the city – you should still stick with the Nines.  It’s got the combination of style and luxury – even if it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, but location is very important in a city where you can walk to most places, and the service goes a long way.

The coolest part of this hotel is the greenhouse above the entire lobby – It gives what little natural light there is in Portland a chance at illuminating the interior of the building
Translucent pink curtains?  It’s gotta be hip…


  • It’s trendy, contemporary, and I like the interior decor of this place
  • The service is great – they’re attentive and quick at handling issues


  • Rooms are small and could use some upgrades


  • The bar in the lobby has an incredible selection of dark liquors


  • If you love Nike, I HIGHLY recommend getting some coupons off of Craiglist and checking out the factory store, there’s lots of great savings to be had there!
  • Walk around downtown and just wander – there’s lots of cool little nooks and crannies around, this is a town where you can just casually meander around without a plan and have a great time doing it

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