REVIEW: The Four Seasons in Seattle


Seattle is one of those destinations that everyone should visit once in their lives.  It’s a unique combination of city and forest, set amongst dozens of lakes and rivers and bisected by the very large Lake Washington.  In the summer when the weather is great there’s almost no better place to be.  The high latitudes allow for long summer days and warm summer nights.

For a very long time though, the city had a serious shortage of accommodations – and especially luxury accommodations.  If you wanted to stay at a 5 star resort, you had to look to the Eastside – not Seattle downtown proper.  This all changed when the Four Seasons came in with new construction right at the waterfront of downtown Seattle.

This is a smaller hotel but with luxury condominiums available for purchasers.  It’s got the feel of a boutique hotel but with all the luxuries that you would expect from a company such as the Four Seasons.

The rooms themselves are relatively plain and very Pacific Northwest with light woods and simplistic clean lines throughout.

Just a regular old room – nothin to see here

They are comfortable and materials are high quality but a bit lacking in depth and character.


What the rooms lack in effort though the hotel more than makes up for in its rooftop patio and pool.  I love Seattle in the summer and the rooftop pool with its amazing vista over the waterfront is the perfect place to sit and relax for hours with a beer in hand.

The rooftop pool, I swear they’re needed in Seattle

So next time someone says Seattle is always raining remind them that they are referring to Portland or San Francisco, and that the rooftop at the Four Seasons is where you will be spending your summers.


  • The rooftop pool
  • The rooftop pool
  • Oh, it’s a Four Seasons – so the service is always impeccable


  • The rooms are luxuriously appointed but sort of boring
  • There’s no grand lobby to hang out in


  • As previously mentioned, the rooftop pool – which many people overlook because it’s Seattle and they just assume its bad weather and no one would put an outdoor pool on the roof of a hotel


  • There’s a variety of restaurants up in South Lake Union (they’re constantly in flux), but check out the area and have a nice dinner during sunset – it’s relaxing and fun to watch the seaplanes flying in and out of Lake Union

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