REVIEW: The SkyLofts at the MGM Grand

So there’s nice hotel rooms in Las Vegas, because there’s a lot of room to play with, and because there’s a lot of money at stake, but one of the biggest issues if you’re seeking high quality service is that the staff often has to deal with 10,000 other people at the same time.

The trend has been towards smaller sub-hotels within hotels and the MGM Skyloft is a prime example of this.  My discovery of the MGM Skyloft was through AMEX’s concierge service and i’ve since stayed a few times at this hotel.


You can choose between 1, 2, and 3 bedroom versions of the Skyloft, with prices hovering around $800-$2000-$4000 respectively at the time of this writing.  If you’re looking to entertain I highly recommend the 2 bedroom, as it has a living room, a movie room, a separate office, dining room, and even a game room.

One of the 1Bdrm models, its significantly smaller than the 2Bdrm with just a dining area, living room, and the bedroom upstairs

As far as service, you are given your own private entrance to the right of the main one, and then whisked through a separate elevator to the upstairs lobby which you can see below:

The separate upstairs lobby for the Skylofts @ MGM Grand

The whole thought behind this hospitality play is that a private boutique luxury experience can be had while still giving the customer access to the benefits of a large hotel (the MGM itself).  This is what I really love about the Skylofts, along with the elegance of the design, there’s a lot to be said about the quality of service that the private concierge provides for each guest, and the unexpected luxury of having a few drivers dedicated to the SkyLofts guests.  Las Vegas, is of course, a city built on excesses, but here the SkyLofts really shine and provide an unparalleled experience which I’ve only seen on a similar scale at the Wynn Fairway Villas.


  • Relatively low price point for a superior product with great service and elegance
  • It feels like a nice hideaway from the hustle of Las Vegas, but with direct access to all the action below
  • The service is some of the best at a large-scale hotel in the city


  • The MGM itself could use some renovating and is a relatively old hotel.  Once you leave the SkyLofts you might wish you were on the newer side of the strip, but luckily everything is relatively close in Vegas


  • Take advantage of the concierge service – they will be able to secure services and tickets that you would normally have to pay more for or would not have access to
  • The tub in the bathroom is one of the coolest things i’ve ever come across when it comes to bathrooms – take a bath you’ll thank me later.  The infinity edge, waterfall faucet, and effervescent “champagne” bubbles from the hottub are pretty unique
The “Champagne” hottub that you HAVE to try out!


  • Most people spend a lot of their time ON the Vegas Strip.  But many never go and venture off of it which is a travesty because Las Vegas actually has some very unique spots – especially for cuisine.  If you are into Chinese Food I would recommend going down Spring Mountain Road and visiting Chinatown.  The cuisine is pretty authentic and it’s a nice reprieve from the sometimes overly oppressive Vegas Strip.

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